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Do you have a minimalist in your life who insists you don’t get them anything for the holiday? Here are a few gift ideas for minimalists they’ll enjoy and rave about. Read below to crack the code on minimalist gift-giving. 


The holidays can be difficult for minimalists. Not because they don’t enjoy celebrating with family and friends, or enjoying a mouth-watering meal, but because minimalists don’t want the burden of gifts they don’t need that will someday become clutter in their homes.


What is a minimalist?

Minimalists are a group of people who embrace living with less and treasure the simplicity that comes with having fewer things than most. They refer to items they don’t want or need in their homes as clutter.

Why don’t minimalists like receiving gifts?

A common misconception is that minimalists don’t like receiving gifts, and that’s not true. Any minimalist would gladly accept any thoughtful gift that serves a purpose in their life, or home, or better yet, gives them memories to cherish. Minimalists don’t like receiving frivolous gifts that have no meaning behind them, will break easily, or become clutter in their homes.

What is a good gift for a minimalist?

Minimalists are looking for gifts that will solve problems, provide memories, replace their low-quality items, and help them live a simpler life. Minimalist gifts require a bit more thought, but once you crack the code, you’ll realize it’s easier to give minimalist gifts than regular ones.

So, what do you get a minimalist for the holidays?

Here are 15 genius gift ideas for minimalists this holiday season. 

15 Minimalist Gift Ideas that Won't create clutter


The king of minimalist gifts is the experience. Minimalists consider experiences more valuable than physical gifts because they carry the memories forever, and they don’t become clutter. Some examples of experiences are tickets to a show, a weekend stay at a unique Airbnb location, a class that supports their hobby, or a private tour of a vineyard.


A subscription service can be a wonderful gift for a minimalist if it serves a concrete purpose for them. For example, a unique coffee bean subscription for the coffee lover, meal kit delivery for the budding chef, or a fashion subscription for the minimalist who’s building out their capsule wardrobe.

Something That Serves a Purpose

Minimalists want their items to serve a purpose in their home. Otherwise, it’ll become clutter and they’ll remove it from their lives. So when you want to buy a physical item for a minimalist, make sure it’s solving a problem.  

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap Gift Set
Castile soap is the multi-purpose cleaner every minimalist needs. Not only can it clean your home incredibly well, it can be used as shampoo and body wash. The ultimate minimalist gift!


Hydroflask Water Bottle
This water bottle is a minimalists dream because of it’s classic design and high quality construction.

Stackable Stainless Steel Thermos Container
A fantastic gift for the minimalist on the go because of it’s ability to be multi-use.


It would thrill most minimalists to receive a donation in their name to a cause that means something to them. Make a handmade card with the donation information inside and you’ll be a master gift giver.

Teach Them How to Do Something

Do you have a special skill or know how to make something your minimalist friend doesn’t? Maybe you could teach them how to sew or knit, change the oil on their car, prepare their favorite meal, make homemade jam, and the list goes on forever.


Consumables are usually a safe gift for anyone. And they make splendid gift ideas for minimalists because once they’re eaten, they’re gone so they don’t create clutter – the dreaded enemy of any minimalist.

High Quality Tea
Who doesn’t love tea for the holidays? Minimalists will love this simple pleasure while it lasts.

High Quality Chocolate
Spoil your friends and family with a bundle of high quality chocolate they’ll fall in love with and possibly repurchase on their own.

Gift Cards 

Minimalists love gift cards because they can think out their purchase and make sure it’s something they want in their home. And gift cards permit people to buy special items they would likely not buy on their own.

Deliver a Meal or Baked Good

This goes along with the theme of consumables, but it’s something you make yourself. Maybe you can prepare your famous dessert or their favorite meal. Give them the recipe while you’re at it.

Fix Something in their Home

Remember, minimalists, value experiences, and practical things. And there’s nothing more practical than helping them around their house. Offer to help clean their high up windows, or repair ripped screen doors. Or maybe they’ve been talking about a renovation but haven’t pulled the trigger and could use your help to complete it.

Digital News Subscription

Many of us want to read the news but don’t want physical newspapers or magazines cluttering our homes, this is especially true for minimalists. The next best thing? Digital subscriptions. Buy them a year of their favorite newspaper or magazine so they can enjoy the information wherever they are without the clutter.

Handmade Items

Even if you don’t consider yourself creative or an artist, it’s likely you can produce something that your minimalist friends or family would love. Some examples are simple artwork, simple sewn handkerchiefs, knit drink coasters, stamped tea towels, and the list goes on. Creating something from scratch is a great way to show your minimalist friend or family member you care.

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Hobby Supplies

Is your minimalist friend or family a hobbyist? If they are, it’s likely they may hold back from buying too many supplies to prevent clutter. If that’s the case, stick to 1 or 2 high-quality hobby supplies they may be too shy to purchase on their own. You could buy them an extra painting canvas, a high-quality skein of yarn, or 1 or 2 excellent tools to add to their collection. Remember, quality over quantity when it comes to gift ideas for minimalists.

Online Courses or Classes

Here’s another gift idea that won’t create clutter in a minimalist’s home. Udemy and Skillshare are impressive sites that have many courses and classes available to choose from. Consider giving a gift card or subscription to one of these and let the receiver choose their favorite course.

Digital Book Credits

Digital book credits are a genius gift for anyone, not just minimalists. Recipients can enjoy reading the latest books without waiting in line at the library or cluttering their home with more items. And many times digital books cost far less than hard copy options so you can get more for your money.


Houseplants have seen a recent surge in popularity and for good reason! Taking care of plants can improve our health and provide beauty in our homes. If you buy someone their first houseplant, it will probably not be their last.


Holiday gifts for minimalists are pretty simple once you accept the reality that they don’t want more stuff cluttering their homes. Which of these simple minimalist gifts will you be giving this holiday season? Share down below in the comments!

minimalist gifts that won't become clutter