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Wondering how you can spend less time on housework? Or how to create a weekly cleaning schedule like a minimalist? Then read on find out how to create an easy minimalist cleaning routine that will change the flow of your home. 

We had our pipes replaced recently and it threw off my cleaning schedule like woah. Before we had plumbers and sheetrock workers in and out of our home, I kept our space clean easily by sticking to a minimal house cleaning routine.

But when suddenly our furniture and items weren’t in their usual areas, I felt out of control and like my home would never be clean again.

I lost the motivation to put things away or keep up with my routine, and this experience showed me how important my cleaning routine is.

Creating a routine for house cleaning isn’t hard. But creating a cleaning schedule that you’ll stick with is.

For years I lived as a “messy person.” I never cleaned, and it caused problems with roommates, friends, and significant others. I didn’t grow up cleaning, so it was never on my radar. And I struggled with cleaning until my first daughter was born 5 years ago.

Then I created a minimalist house cleaning routine for myself and everything changed.

Not only now was it easy to clean but I found that I loved having a clean space! Like, really loved it. 

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What is a good house cleaning schedule?

When you create a personalized cleaning schedule it means so much more because it’s 100% relevant to your home. And not a template made by someone else.

You’re setting the priorities and expectations based on how much time you want to devote to cleaning, what areas bug you the most, and how “clean” is “clean” to you. So that means you’ll be cleaning less but with more purpose. You won’t waste your time with tasks that aren’t a priority unless you have time. 

Before I share how to create a minimalist cleaning routine I should let you know that I gave up on my entire house being clean all at once. I have 2 small kids and keeping a completely clean home 24/7 is not realistic for me.

Think about the season of life that you’re in right now – does it allow for a completely clean home all the time? Or do you need to readjust what clean and organized looks like in your home? 



How To Create a Minimalist Cleaning Routine


How to Create an Easy Minimalist Cleaning Schedule:


The most crucial part of setting up a minimalist cleaning schedule is to put aside what you think the schedule should look like and ask yourself which tasks are the most important for you to get done every week in your home.

What tasks will you prioritize the most? Which tasks absolutely need to get done each week to make you feel comfortable in your home? What is the level of mess or clutter are you okay with?

In my house, the tasks I prioritize weekly are laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, and decluttering.

When I complete these tasks, each week my house feels spotless (even though it isn’t).



Take a look at the tasks you are prioritizing and assign them each to a day of the week. Some days will take more time and some days will be easy.

1 top priority per day will make completing tasks more manageable. 

Squeeze in non-priority items on the easy weekdays.

What your weekly cleaning priorities might look like:

  1. Monday – clean bathrooms 
  2. Tuesday – vacuum/mop floors
  3. Wednesday – declutter
  4. Thursday – dusting
  5. Friday – laundry



Write out the tasks you assigned each day and hang it up on your refrigerator. This is your custom cleaning schedule!

We’re more likely to stick to habits that we can easily see and are a natural part of our lives.

You’ll see how committing to only 1 major cleaning task per day will make cleaning more approachable and encourage you to complete the tasks.



Identify natural times during the day where you can slide in your cleaning tasks and watch them get done fast. The earlier in the day you can get something done, the better.

For example, each week I clean the bathroom when my kids are taking a bath to knock two things off my list at once. And on vacuuming day I vacuum the bedrooms in the morning but vacuum the living room in the evening once the kids pick up their toys for the day. 


1 Deep Cleaning Task Per Week

Complete 1 deep cleaning task each week to stay on top of more involved cleaning. For example, one week while you’re running laundry you can wash the inside windows.

And the next week on laundry day you can clean the refrigerator inside and out. Limit yourself to 1 major deep cleaning task each week and you’ll tick them all off in no time.  


It’s amazing what identifying priorities and setting expectations can do. And in this case, it’ll give you a clean home that’s easy to maintain with minimal effort. And who doesn’t want a clean home?

Share the cleaning schedule you use! Do you think this type of system can work for you? Let me know down below in the comments!


How To Create a Minimalist Cleaning Routine