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Stop! Don’t turn up the heat so quickly! Try these 8 simple and free ways to stay warm in the winter without turning up heat. You can thank me later. Ready to get cozy?

A few years ago, I had a friend come over to teach me how to knit. It was February in Oregon, so not terribly cold but cold enough to wear a jacket outside. When my friend came by she chose to keep wearing her jacket inside my house because she thought it was too cold. I had the thermostat set at 65 degrees like I usually did. Underneath her jacket, she was wearing a thin short-sleeved shirt whereas I was wearing a t-shirt, wool sweater, and wool socks.

It’s worth it to avoid turning up the heat because it’s better for the environment, your health, and your wallet.

Here are a few ways you can stay warm at home without turning up the heat.

8 Easy Ways to Keep Warm without a huge heating bill

Dress for the season

I feel silly saying this, but if it’s cold outside, don’t wear short sleeves or shorts – unless that’s how you’re most comfortable, of course. Don’t rely on artificial heat to keep you warm, and you’ll never be cold. Wear a wool sweater and/or wool socks. Put on a hat to retain your head’s natural heat.

We have a downstairs level in our home that is always colder than upstairs because heat rises. So in our pantry, I keep a wool sweater for every member of my family. We grab a sweater if we’re too cold downstairs and never consider turning up the heat.

I suggest investing in a few high-quality cold-weather items you can use each year.

Warm your insides

An easy way to warm yourself up instantly is to start from the inside. Make a cup of hot tea or soup and enjoy under a comfy blanket. Seek out local apple cider and hot chocolate to be festive.


Candles give off small amounts of heat and also make our environment feel cozier, which makes you feel less cold. Wear a sweater, light a candle, and drink tea at the same time – are you warm yet?

Blankets blankets blankets

Using heavy blankets is a sure-fire way to feel warm immediately. Drape a beautiful wool blanket over your couch for this very purpose. A soft and comfortable blanket can also improve your mood. Happy and warm? Sign me up.

Decorate with Rugs

Rugs are multi-purpose items since they act as decor and insulation, especially if your home has cold floors. Lay down rugs in the areas where you walk the most and you’ll protect your feet from the cold and also heat up your space.

Draw the curtains

Close the curtains to insulate the room and keep cold air out. Think of it as building a cocoon around yourself but instead of turning into a butterfly you’re bathing in free heat.

Close Doors

Another way to trap heat is to close doors to unused rooms in your home. If your living room is surrounded by open doors it will be significantly colder in the living room because the heat will be flowing into the empty rooms.

Cook With the Oven

Want to feel warm immediately? Bake something delicious and leave the oven door open when it’s finished baking. This is a surefire way to warm you from the inside and benefit from the excess heat.

We don’t need to rely on our heating systems so heavily to keep warm during the colder months. We can stay warm without cranking up the heat and save the environment and money in the process.

How do you stay warm in the colder months? Share your tips down below in the comments!

8 Easy Ways to Keep Warm without a huge heating bill